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International airport Banja Luka is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, near administrative center Banja Luka, precisely 23 KM (14 miles) from it. Distance from airport Banja Luka to highway Banja Luka-Gradiška, It’s a little more than a kilometer. Zagreb is at a distance of 162 km (100 miles), and Belgrade is located 303 km (188 miles) from Banja Luka airport.

Express Cars agency is located whit it’s branch office on the airport, so it would be available to tourists who travel with Ryanair agency daily comes to Banja Luka.

You can book your vehicle on our web page through online form or you can call us directly on +387 66 583 000 (Viber, WhatsApp available). We dispose a fleet of completely new cars with the highest quality equipment packages and affordable prices.

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Our office Banja Luka Airport, Mahovljani bb, is available to you immediately upon landing your aircraft. Do not spend your time worrying about transportation, but on time book your car online on our website, or even simpler, call us and do it personally by phone. WatsApp and Viber services are available to you.

Clients have at their disposal, brand new, casco insurance vehicels which will enable them to quickly and safely reach the desired destination. Specifity of  Express  Cars is posibility of picking up and dropping off vehicels in every distribution center where EuroExpress operate.

You can reserve a vehicle directly to+387 66 583 000

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